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Edinburgh Writers' Journal
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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in Edinburgh Writers' LiveJournal:

Sunday, June 4th, 2006
12:31 pm
as it has been suggested to me that i should try and arrange a meet up, i thought i would do another poll (i like polls) to see how many would want to come, when would be best and so on.
just leave a comment really, if you have any thoughts, or vote. whatever is easiest, and i will try and arrange something for a few weeks time :)
Poll #741703 a meet up?

who is interested in meeting up somewhere in town?


any time that is better/worse for you? (ie days you can come/can't, times of the month you might be away, that sorta thing)

day or night time?

Monday, May 22nd, 2006
7:19 pm
just wondering, how many of you also attend bookclubs? as awriter, i also love to read (and i am also looking at them as marketting places for my novel when it comes out) but i was just wondering do any of you go to bookclubs? any that you can recomend?
2:47 am
Hi folks, I'm probably a bit odd on here in that I'm not really much of a lit. person. I was always crap at English at school but recently I've started writing nonsense stories (ie. bad sub-Adams/Pratchett stuff). I've asked for comments on them from my mates but they're all rather nice and struggle to criticise me. Anyway I've been shoving the stories on a blogger page (here) and would welcome any comments. You're probably best starting on the short story stuff rather than the massive nonsense story.

I am aware of my poor sentence construction.
Saturday, April 29th, 2006
4:52 pm
Just some questions really. to see what people write, if anyone is a proffessional and so on. the age question is just in case people are interested in a meet up so i have some idea if a pub is doable! :)

and yeah, if you have any thoughts/suggsestions for what you'd like the community to do, there's a box for it now (say meet ups, or contests or perhaps writing challenges or stuff like that. like other writing groups do)
Poll #719303 Just some writing questions :)

Do you write proffessionally or for hobby

hobby but i want it to be a proffession.
Bit of both



what genre, if any?

What sort of things would you like the community to do?


under 18
over 36
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
6:59 am
I'll better introduce myself as well. I'm a 29 year old female who dabbles in writing. It's purely a hobby thing for me. So far I only write fan fiction (gen/het/slash/femslash/yaoi, I do it all). I started a original story once, but never got beyond the second page.
Most of my stories are pretty short (my longest is about 9000 words (my shortest about 300)). I'd love to try writting something longer someday. I've won a couple of fan fiction awards and one story got published in a fanfic anthology.
My main problems when it comes to writing are (in no particular): writting discipline/ plotting a long-running storyline/ expanding my active English vocabulary/ not using so many words (according to my regular beta reader)

If you have no idea what I'm on about:
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
9:05 pm
I have to say this community is already inspiring me! In a 'get back to the damn novel' kind of way. :) I like the vibe.

I'm finishing (about to file my two-month warning before submission, but it will still be many months until it's DONE) my PhD in English literature, but I've been a writer for 20 years - since my teens. I've published short stories, mostly, and much of that was fantasy; I still dabble in science fiction and am preparing a story for an anthology being edited by a Hugo award-winning writer. (It's about glorifying terrorism - the call for stories is here, if you're interested.) In the last few years I've not had much time to devote to fiction so I've been writing non-fiction instead - mostly reviews for festival events, and an article for a roleplaying magazine based on an experience in a group which had a very badly behaved player. (Nothing like getting paid for something that might have otherwise been a whiny LJ entry!)

I am very proud of my two novels, even though they are both unpublished, but I would like to get a novel published, too. I'd also like to publish the short story that came out of my year as a Fulbright scholar in creative writing (which is the other thing I'm most proud of). Last month I went to empty out my storage locker in the states, and was thrilled to find that I had not in fact lost all of my publications, so I am hoping their presence on my shelves will inspire me to even better work!
8:57 pm
Hi there folks. I'm Alison, 19 years old and have been writing avidly since I was twelve. The most glory I've had is praising English teachers but that's really all one needs isn't it? I mostly write ghost stories and crappy comedy sketches type of things. When I'm old I want to be the female version of Spike Milligan.

I suck at introductions so that's all you're getting.
8:18 pm
Obligatory introduction
I hate this- it's like that horrible bit at the start of a class or something where everyone goes round the room saying their name & why they're there. I shall keep mine brief.

I don't write a great deal, nor do I do it particularly seriously but I enjoy it. I did creative writing for CSYS English (what you did in 6th Year if you passed the Higher, young 'uns) so I suppose I technically have a qualification. That was utterly tedious so I didn't write anything after that until a year or so ago when I realised I needed to find something to do for fun.

I'm a historian. I teach some evening classes & am going back to uni to do an MLitt next September. My day job is in a social work centre doing an strange not-admin not-social-work job which I enjoy despite myself.

I tend to write mysteries & am starting work/research on a big, historical fiction project set in the 1530s. I'm aiming for novel-length but we'll see what happens. I did NaNoWriMo last year & managed about 7000 words of a supposed mystery but never really got around to writing about any interesting goings-on. I had some vague ideas about where it was going to go so I may go back to it in the future.

There. Not as brief as I'd intended.

Current Mood: introductory
7:34 pm
Hey guys, I'm Stephen and I'm currently studying Computer Science and Chinese at the University of Edinburgh. I was born in Edinburgh, and lived here for 6 years until I moved out to Livingston.
I've been writing sporadically since I was 16, (I'm 18 now), but I've done very little in the way of writing since I've come to study here - I'm looking to change this. As I said, my output is pretty sporadic - I've never finished a project, but I have/have had plenty of ideas for things, some of which have been worked upon, some of which haven't.

I mainly enjoy writing what I suppose can be dubbed 'slightly humourous science-fiction/fantasy', but I never see it in my head in that way. I just like quirky ideas and situations, and with my maths/physics leanings back in high school, I guess it comes out in a scientific way - never to the point where I'm just hammering out, say, dry statistics about some spaceship, though. As for the humour, I'm never entirely sure why I put it in, sometimes I wonder if it's just a crutch I use to prop up poor writing, or if it's because I'm genuinely funny, or anything else. Any of you who come to know me will learn I can never make up my mind about anything about myself - I wish I could.

Of course, I say all of the above, but I'm always willing to branch out into new areas. I'm constantly turning thoughts over in my mind about writing a play, or a few comedy sketches, but I reckon if anything eventually does get finished, it'll be a book of short stories. I'm happy with that.

Oh, one of my ideas, way back when, was a... collection of very short excerpts from stories. So short, that the first was only 101 words long. I would write one a day, and each day, the number of words I would write would increase by one... I think I got to around 128 words before I suddenly had no desire to continue it. Now that I mention it though, I'd like to get back into doing it. Perhaps this time it'll stick? Probably not, but one can always dream. I posted a lot of them into a LiveJournal community, you can check them out here (that's the first one - you'll want to start there, as some "bits" are continued on in later "bits".) Some are fiction, some are just things that were in my mind at the time - the only common theme is that I posted a song with each one that I had listened to to inspire me to write the piece, or that was in some way connected with the piece.

I think I've said my bit, nice to meet you all.
7:51 pm
Hey. I'm Niall, 30, Edinburgh born and bred now living in Dunfermline thanks to house prices, but still spend most of my waking hours on the Edinburgh side so I don't feel like too much of an interloper here.

I've been writing since I was wee but it was always on the back burner because of the 'real world' but realising the real world isn't up to much, I'm concentrating more on the writing. My kickstart was finishing Nanowrimo 2005 last year with a SF effort which I'm now expanding to 100,000 words, though I've mainly been writing shorts. I mainly write for my own amusement but am planning to start doing competitions where I shall crash and burn and realise I have no talent. I'm a bit of a genre man - SF, Magical Realism and (loose) Historical - figuring that all fiction is by its nature fantastical, so you may as well exploit the opportunities that offers.

The real world is, alas, still getting in the way of writing, and since signing up for LJ it especially has developed a nasty habit of absorbing more words than my stories. Even if there's no talk about writing or just talk, I'd think that having a bunch of creative types in one place (real and/or virtual) would be inspirational and supportive.

Did somebody mention drink?
6:52 pm
Hi, I'm Stuart. I'm 33 and an Edinburgh native. I've not had any stories published, mainly because I've not submitted any anywhere. I've been writing words of some sort since I was about 13 (that wasn't when I learnt to write, just when I started writing what I wasn't compulsorarily required to do), but not always avidly.

Lately, I tend to write contemporary-set fiction in which nothing much happens, influenced by Robert Walser, Kafka, B S Johnson, Carson McCullers, or Sherwood Anderson, but with more dick jokes. At some point I hope to do something historical involving research, because that's probably more fun, despite the additional effort. I've also tried to write sit-coms, but I become overtaken by the desire to not put any jokes in as an ironic jibe at commissioning editors.

Mainly I procrastinate. I'm not totally sure about talking about writing, because it can become terribly self-involved, as well as a substitute for actually writing (writing is a pretty simple thing to do, not requiring much discussion), and as I said I'm already good at procrastinating (though it seems I'm always looking for new avenues and byways in which to waste my years). But I'm interested to see where this group goes and who's in it.
1:12 pm

I'm Natasha, 19 years old and a student at Edinburgh Uni (English Literature, naturally). I suppose my greatest writing success was being a 2004 Davidson Fellow for literature, which is currently paying my fees; I've been kind of treading water ever since. Recently made a decision to semi-permanently put aside the massive historical novel I've been working on for nearly four years (since it would take at least as long again to make it uniformly good). Right now I'm fiddling with something that may become the Next Big Project, God help me.

I write all sorts of things, mainly defined by style (which is rather dense and ornate and full of quotations and dashes and my beloved semi-colons - inspired by my favourite authors, like Sayers and Dunnett) rather than genre. Some poetry, though that's not really my strong suit. I'd like to try more shorter things, but good ideas don't come to me easily and when they do they tend to just grow and grow.

Would love to meet more writing types around Edinburgh (as it is, I'm reduced to telling my plots to some poor person at flat parties!). Does anyone, by the way, have any experience with the university's Writer in Residence program? I know there are weekly workshops and such, but I've been too shy to ever go.
4:43 pm
Thought i should make a 'hello' post, just to start things off :)

My name is Fran, im 28. I moved to Edinburgh in August and don't know anyone really, so i started this community to try and at least encounter people with a smiliar interest to me :)

I have been writing for years, since i was a kid, but only in the last 2-3 have i bothered sending stories out or taken it more seriously. I have had 5 stories published, and 45 rejected (so 1 in 10 accepted. not sure if that is good or not!) But my novel, teh Shadow Seer, has also been accepted for publication with a small print american company, Silver Lake (which i am happy about) :)

I write mostly fantasy and dark/macabre stuff (not horror exactly, but still dark ish)
I have trouble with repetitions, grammar and spelling (being dyslexic doesn't help) but i found a good off lj community of fantasy writers who help me with this.

so yeah, that's me :)

hello :)
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